What is a P.A.T.

Your power tools and electrical appliances are your bread and butter, so why then do we treat them so bad?

Well P.A.T. stands for Portable Appliance Testing and all tested equipment will have a ‘test & tag’, tag attached to show information about the test and when it is due for re-testing.


How often do I need to test my gear?


There are guidelines under the act (AS NZS 3760) and these are underlined on the graph below (exert from the Act), but MegaTest recommends that this guide should be used, in some cases, as an extreme guide and each individual business can have a re-test schedule which suits the business owner.


Who needs their equipment PAT tested?


Basically anybody who is in business and/or employs staff, we have included a quick check list below, but we are happy to discuss each individual case to help you meet your health and safety requirements, under the act.


Listed below is some of basic industries outlined as part of the act:  


  • Construction Sites.

  • Factories/ Warehouses.

  • Hotels/ Restaurants/ Motels.

  • Shops/ Retail/ Offices.

  • Schools/ Hospitals.


Although the act does not specifically specify domestic property, MegaTest strongly recommends that items such as phone chargers, heaters etc. should be tested regularly.


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