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How a PAT Professional can save you money

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Is you electrical equipment PAT (portable appliances testing) current? Businesses can face thousands of dollars in fines and neglected repairs costs pertaining to their electrical equipment. By engaging a professional technician to regular test & tag their electrical tools, is of the utmost importance when managing and running a business in New Zealand.

Your electrical tools can work in environments that expose them to moisture, heat, vibration, mechanics, corrosive chemicals and/or dust. Left unmanaged, and unregulated, how do you think the elements of your work environment will affect your equipment? These elements are notoriously able to ruin the inner workings of intricate (and usually expensive) commercial electrical equipment.

Why is Electrical Testing Important?

Electrical testing is one of the most vital factors in keeping a work environment safe and fully operational. It’s important to be knowledgeable about proper wiring and the inspection of testing and construction wiring in order to preserve standards, and also the constantly changing regulations for these standards.

Testing and tagging your electrical equipment is one of the vital steps in creating a stress free work environment. Without electrical testing, you can leave yourself open to risks and dangers of safety violations, injuries, and in the worst cases, death. None of these would-be accidents are conducive to the welfare of you and your staff, nor your business.

Experts in Electrical Testing

There are a number of PAT companies in the market in and around Christchurch and Canterbury like Jim’s Test & Tag, Express Test & Tag, PAT-Man, Canterbury Test & Tag, Compliance Test & Tag, and Acacia Test & Tag to name a few.

So why should you uses MegaTest?

Well MegaTest offers a fast & efficient service at a very competitive rate. All our customers receive a full ‘Asset Schedule’ of all equipment in test, supply a ‘Compliance Certificate’ for your Health & Safety register so you comply with the New Zealand Health & Safety at work act 2015 and AS/NZS 3760 2010 for the in service testing of electrical equipment.

Further benefits of our comprehensive ‘Asset Schedule’ will support any claims of equipment theft to both the Police and/ or your Insurance Company.

Most of all we strive to deliver a great service in a timely manner by our friendly technicians at a competitive price.

Contact the market leading Portable Appliance Testing team today to discuss your individual requirements.


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