Why Is Thermal Imaging Testing So Important?


At MegaTest we offer Electrical Thermal Imaging as part of our standard testing procedures.  This is one of the most effective preventative electrical maintenance measures you can undertake for your home or business.  By conducting this form of electrical inspection MegaTest staff are able to instantly identify and report on dangerous hotspots in electrical switchboards, appliances, machinery and wiring – areas which can potentially cause equipment failure or fires.


How does electrical thermal imaging work?

Thermal imaging uses the latest technology in scanners which can detect electrical faults often missed by traditional methods of testing.

Using our specialised infrared camera to measure heat in the wiring of electrical components and connections, Electrical Thermal Imaging can detect temperature changes in electrical components in both switchboards and electrical infrastructure.  Any area of high resistance across a connection can result in excessive heat, leading to possible failure or even fire.  The thermal camera creates an image of any hotspots, thus providing our technicians with an immediate picture of how your system is coping with its workload.


Benefits of thermal scanning your electrical systems:

  • Boosts workplace safety measures

  • Issues can be detected and repaired before problems occur

  • Reduce the chance of equipment failures

  • Minimise the occurrence of fire caused by electrical faults

  • Accurately identify the site of the issue so repair can be specific and targeted

  • Minimise downtime for the business

  • Assists with insurance compliance requirements


Why Thermographic Survey?


MegaTest recommends routine thermal scanning of electrical switchboards be included in your annual home or business maintenance program.  Our detailed Thermo-Graphic Inspection can help identify and report on:

  • Individual equipment and switchboards inspected

  • Specific temperature variations recorded

  • Extent of any defect

  • Proposal for repairs needed; prioritised in order of urgency.

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